About Us

Interlux Corporation despite in modest beginning, has exceeded the par in each and very industry it has ventured into.

Two decades ago, Interlux was born. In its infancy, its first few projects deals with the construction of residential houses in and around Sucat, Parañaque, socialized housing projects and realty brokerage. INTERLUX also engage in cargo handling, trading and financing.

It also became one of the duly accredited Philippine Estate Authority realty broker. In this continued growth, it persevered to home the skills of is sales force through seminars and training. This pertinacity was rewarded when INTERLUX topped the PEA sponsored sales contest of the Coastal Plaza Condominium having sold 150 units, it was hailed Numero Uno.

In the efforts to boost its growth, the valorous Realty Corporation became INTERLUX CORPORATION in 1995. Being a PCAB Licensee, it took a bold step by entering the telecommunications industry. To fortify its workforce, it employed the services of Engr. Edgar Manansala one of the country’s best structural Engineer and Engr. Donnie Paz, who is competent.

Thereafter, INTERLUX CORPORATION proved itself worthy of high esteem, thus, commencing its operation in the mid-90. It pioneered the construction of cell site projects for Extelcom Telecom Expansion Program, specializing in tower design, fabrication, erection, installation and civil works among others. These outstanding performances, enduring the tedious learning process incurred impressed the management of the said Extelcom, Inc., Thereby issuing certificate of commendation for the company’s astonishing achievements.

Apparently, INTERLUX CORPORATION continues to grow and better itself. SMART COMMUNICATION, INC., ALCATEL PHILIPPINES, AND DIGITAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS, PHILS. INC., NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS PHILIPPINES, INC. and INFOCOM COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK, INC., and other top telecommunication corporations, are the company’s regular clients. In fact, it is duly acclaimed to be one of the most leading contractors accredited by SMART COMMUNICATIONS, INC. to carry out its fast track telecom expansion program and eventually has received several prestigious Recognition Awards for its astonishing achievements.

To fortify its workforce, the company entrust its expertise to highly competent and reputable structural engineers, project supervisors, site engineers, foremen and among others, designated all throughout the archipelago.





Utilize the most updated innovative CAD technology to attain the best analysis of the approved designs and specifications

  • Hire the most competent and highly skilled welders
  • Research local design requirements and standards
  • Define design parameters, drawing lay out and quality standards
  • Identify, evaluate, hire and train local design firms
  • Manage all aspects of design including specifications and quality
  • Attend technical site surveys
  • Produce the following drawings:
    • General engineering drawings
    • Planning drawings
    • Detailed Construction, Electrical, Sanitary, Mechanical Drawings, etc.
  • Perform and coordinate initial market analysis
  • Produce staffing plan and related documentation based on size of the project and rollout requirements
  • Motivate and encourage every personnel to strive in carrying out their corresponding duties and responsibilities.
  • Develop and implements standardize procedures under a dynamic team leadership scheme.
  • Define local construction specifications
  • Attend technical surveys
  • Manage, inspect, monitor construction works
  • Identify, evaluate, hire and train local labor force
  • Perform all works related to civil, electrical, sanitary construction
  • Installation of towers and its accessories
  • Deliver/procurement materials to site
  • Produce and manage all civil works hand-over documentation, permits, local government requirements.
  • Maintain a dynamic coordination of personnel in its proper management of the fabrication plant.
  • Enforce proper discipline and monitor quality work to maintain appropriate precision in its technical and engineering requirements.
  • Assure the delivery of the said tower on or before the prescribed deadline
  • Hire the best and the most efficient Riggers to carry the erection operation
  • Install the tower accurately and according to its approved plans and specifications
  • Assure that the installation of various accessories are properly executed
  • See to it that the proper coordination is maintained during the operation to ensure the much needed precision
  • Provide the appropriate safety measures during the tower installation
  • Evaluate, hire and train local acquisition personnel
  • Train all local resources and subcontractors
  • Manage all local acquisition personnel and subcontractors
  • Perform site search based on search criteria
  • Produce site acquisition reports
  • Coordinate technical site surveys
  • Review and approve planning drawings
  • Define leasing laws and parameters
  • Review, negotiate and complete lease contracts
  • Produce and manage acquisition site files and hand-over documentation
PERMITTING (Research, Apply and Secure all Permits)
  • Research and evaluate all local permit regulations and ordinances
  • Create detailed report on report on permit types, timeframes and red flags
  • Attend technical site surveys
  • Review and approve all applicable drawings
  • Meet and negotiate with local municipalities to understand application requirements
  • Prepare all permit applications
  • Manage permit process (meet with municipality, attend public hearings, create photo – sims, mock ups, neighborhood associations, etc)
  • Hire instruct local lobbyists when needed
  • Obtain all permits required to build
  • Obtain all permits requirements financially activate the site
  • Manage all aspects of permits process to ensure the timely delivery of permits
  • Installation, Testing, Integration and Commissioning of the following:
  1. Base Transceiver Station
  2. Microwave Antennae
  3. Radio Equipment (both tail and front)
  • To carry out other works necessary to make the cell site operation/on-air.
  • To comply and complete the above undertakings within five (5) days from the receipt of Notice to Proceed of Purchase Order (P.O.) which ever comes first.

Main Offices

2nd Flr. Omniworx Business Center, #0060 Brgy. San Isidro, Sucat, Paranaque City


(632) 722-6133
(632) 861-0671